Be Careful With Children’s Snacks

Indeed, the habit of snacking children, often make parents worry about the cleanliness of food and beverages consumed. The reason, not infrequently food and drink using harmful ingredients such as preservatives, artificial colorings, and so forth.

The craze of children consuming that all sweet, savory, and acid often used by food producers. Sometimes the food sold is harmful to health, for example containing sugar and acid levels. Especially sometimes the food products offered do not contain enough nutrition, especially for children.

One way to keep the child’s diet is to bring them lunch to school. Routines bring a healthy and nutritious food supplies to keep the child’s health and cleanliness guaranteed.

Making various children snacks healthy and delicious, now not so difficult if we as parents want to learn and do directly in the kitchen. Because now so easy we get recipes of quality snacks, delicious and liked by children. Internet network is very easy to get, nowadays, which makes us easy to get recipes of healthy children’s snacks and delicious. Once again and most important is our willingness to cook the children’s snacks with our own hands for the health of our children.

Someone will feel desperate to cook because it always fails to do it. The problem of taste especially, sometimes we think a dish that we make tastes delicious on our own tongue but for children not necessarily. But do not worry for now, many shops or food vendors are now providing food or snacks healthy, delicious and well-liked children. Making meals from home for children is the main purpose.

For children, bringing supplies from home will create a psychological closeness between parents and children. That is, if parents prepare a provision of children to school, it can be assessed as a form of attention given to the baby.

Provisions prepared by mothers from home in addition to clean, healthy, must contain the necessary elements of the body such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Adequate and balanced nutrition will make it consumptive in learning.

And again the provision of food brought from home has the purpose of avoiding snacks outside the home, which most likely not to the knowledge of parents that the snacks are very unhealthy. Several articles and news reports that many children’s snacks are unhealthy. After examined many snacks containing ingredients containing chemical contaminants that should not be eaten and illegal as food additives.

Health problems caused by snacks containing illegal food additives, such as stomachache, dizziness, nausea, cough, or sore throat, are common reasons why many elementary school students can not attend school activities, which will certainly affect the child’s performance. Especially if it has been used as a favorite snack children, will be consumed in a long time. The result of eating additional food that is illegal and harmful to the body is a very unexpected chronic pain that occurs in children.

Make a practical food, but need creativity in choosing the menu so that children do not get bored. So that the child does not bother, prepare the stock according to the portion and immediately run out. It is important that children are accustomed to eating food. Choose a place to eat that makes food durable. And do not forget to add vegetables in the diet, because vitamin intake is also needed and does not make body obese.

Try to eat healthy foods for us, especially for children who are the next generation that is needed in the future achievement.

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