5 Healthy Food Facts You Should Know

As more people become aware of the need to eat healthier foods, they’re starting to make better choices. Nutrition is a broad field, containing both hearsay and scientific research. Separating the latter can be tricky. But the following 7 food facts are backed by scientific research. Many of them have long been recognized in traditional cultures, and some have been proven by science. Read on for more information! And, don’t forget to share them with friends and family!

Nuts are rich in unsaturated “good” fats

The health benefits of unsaturated fats are well known. In fact, early studies of unsaturated fats’ role in heart health date back to the 1960s. They reduce inflammation and build stronger cell membranes. Other studies show that they may reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. Nutrition experts divide fats into three categories: saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated. These types are solid at room temperature and contain single bonds between molecules.

Eggs are a good source of protein

There are many reasons to love eggs, but perhaps one of the most compelling is their high nutritional value. Eggs contain 6 grams of protein, making them a complete protein source. Because they are a complete protein, eggs are a standard for protein content. Additionally, eggs contain all nine essential amino acids, which are considered the ‘building blocks of the body’. As such, eggs are a fantastic source of protein for most people.

Potatoes are an inexpensive source of fiber

Eating more potatoes may help your … Read More ...

Healthy Cooking with Kids

If you are looking for some tips on how to encourage healthy cooking with kids, you have come to the right place! You can find great recipes, fun activities, and even lessons in nutrition. You can get started on your healthy cooking adventure today! To get started, try these tips:


Whether you’re trying to get your children interested in healthy cooking or simply want to make healthier meals at home, recipes for healthy cooking with kids are a great way to start the conversation. Cooking with kids can encourage lifelong healthy habits. These easy-to-follow recipes can be healthier alternatives to baking. Even the pickiest eaters will be more interested in eating foods made with natural ingredients. With these recipes, you’ll be able to introduce healthy cooking to your kids while creating fun memories for the whole family.


Cooking is an excellent activity for children. Involving children in the preparation and cooking of food will build their knowledge of nutrition and eating habits. In addition, a child will be more likely to try new foods if they helped make them. Cooking activities will also help your child develop good self-esteem. Here are some tips for cooking with children. Keep these tips in mind as you plan the activities with your child. The following are just a few ideas that will help you engage your children in healthy cooking.

Food safety

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6 Fun Healthy Eating Facts and Tips

Whether you’re new to the idea of healthy eating or are already on a healthy eating journey, you can be encouraged by the fun facts and tips in this article. These healthy eating tips and facts include: Fruits, Low-fat dairy products, White meat, and avoiding sugary drinks. These facts will inspire you to eat healthier and lose weight! And remember: you can always start today! Start by switching out your usual dishes for healthier ones. Here are 6 fun facts and tips to help you make the switch!


Although eating fruit is considered “healthy,” some types of fruit have specific properties that make them better than others. According to the American Diabetes Association, some fruits are better for people with high blood sugar or insulin resistance. Stone fruits, berries, and citrus fruits are better choices for people with these problems because they have lower glycemic indexes and can lower blood sugar levels without causing spikes. Experts recommend eating several different types of fruit every day.

Low-fat dairy products

For a healthy diet, try switching from whole to low-fat dairy products. The corresponding serving size for adults is two to three servings per day. Children should be fed two to three servings per day, while adolescents should get three or four servings. Low-fat or fat-free milk are better choices for desserts and snacks. The fat content of these drinks is less than that of whole milk and 2% fat milk.

White meat

When it comes to animal proteins, white meat … Read More ...

Food Network Recipes Chefs

There are several food network recipes chefs on television, but who is the best? Chefs Bobby Flay, Giada de Laurentiis, Sunny Anderson, Alex Guarnaschelli, and others are all worthy candidates. Each has a distinctive style, and a different take on a classic dish. Each of them possesses a distinct style that is sure to appeal to fans. To learn more about them, read on!

Bobby Flay

The news of Bobby Flay’s impending departure from the Food Network shocked the entire food industry. It was reported by Variety magazine that negotiations for a new contract between Flay and the network fell through. As a result, Flay is no longer part of the network’s programming or participating in television shows. While the reasons for Flay’s departure are not yet clear, the news has some fans cheering.

Giada de Laurentiis

When it comes to television cooking shows, Giada De Laurentiis is often accused of having an affair with singer John Mayer. However, she’s never denied that she is an intimate friend of Food Network star Bobby Flay. In public, they’re often photographed looking cute and cozy. Co- workers tend to get smitten with each other, and Giada has been no exception. Her countless Instagram interactions with Bobby Flay suggest that things might be heating up between the two.

Sunny Anderson

Despite her bubbly personality, Anderson is no ordinary chef. She’s a former Air Force pilot and broadcast alum/pro. Her cooking style is unique and combines familiar comfort foods with bold, distinct flavors. She … Read More ...