6 Fun Healthy Eating Facts and Tips

6 Fun Healthy Eating Facts and Tips

Whether you’re new to the idea of healthy eating or are already on a healthy eating journey, you can be encouraged by the fun facts and tips in this article. These healthy eating tips and facts include: Fruits, Low-fat dairy products, White meat, and avoiding sugary drinks. These facts will inspire you to eat healthier and lose weight! And remember: you can always start today! Start by switching out your usual dishes for healthier ones. Here are 6 fun facts and tips to help you make the switch!


Although eating fruit is considered “healthy,” some types of fruit have specific properties that make them better than others. According to the American Diabetes Association, some fruits are better for people with high blood sugar or insulin resistance. Stone fruits, berries, and citrus fruits are better choices for people with these problems because they have lower glycemic indexes and can lower blood sugar levels without causing spikes. Experts recommend eating several different types of fruit every day.

Low-fat dairy products

For a healthy diet, try switching from whole to low-fat dairy products. The corresponding serving size for adults is two to three servings per day. Children should be fed two to three servings per day, while adolescents should get three or four servings. Low-fat or fat-free milk are better choices for desserts and snacks. The fat content of these drinks is less than that of whole milk and 2% fat milk.

White meat

When it comes to animal proteins, white meat is a healthy choice. While the nutritional value of red meat is higher, white meat has less saturated fat and calories. Dark meat is better for you, however, because it has more iron and B vitamins, and contains more healthy unsaturated fats. Besides that, it also has more flavor. It’s still better for you than white meat, so don’t be afraid to indulge in it!

Avoiding sugary drinks

Many drinks high in sugar should be avoided as part of a healthy diet. Water is the best beverage to replace a soda, but if you’re a soda fiend, it can be hard to make the switch. For an enjoyable beverage, try sparkling water with a natural flavor, or vegetable juice blended with fruit. You can even make your own sparkling water by using fresh herbs and fruit juice.

Regardless of what you choose, you’ll find a healthy alternative for sugary drinks.

Avoiding trans fat

Trans fat is an unhealthy substance found in some foods. Commercially prepared baked goods, snacks, and other foods made with partially hydrogenated oils and other manufactured fats also contain this substance. People with diabetes should eat more fruits and vegetables and limit the intake of fast food. People should use olive oil or canola oil when cooking instead of saturated fats or trans fats. Microwave popcorn and other foods cooked in partially hydrogenated oils also contain trans fats.

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