Alert Levels of Different Desserts

Alert Levels of Different Desserts

For people who are on a diet, the most miserable thing is that they cannot enjoy desserts at will. They will feel discontented at the thought of forsaking the sweet chocolate cake or butter cookies. As long as we enjoy tasty meals or desserts properly, we can maintain a good figure.

During holidays, we may stay at home and have nothing to do. Then, most of us may like holding a French pastry box and enjoying the yummy desserts. At the same time, we can listen to music, watch cartoons, or have small talk with friends. We can hardly stop eating desserts until we feel satisfied. And this is called the best enjoyment in life. However, this kind of enjoyment will let you gain at least two kilograms of weight unwittingly in one week. Desserts can be regarded as an obstacle in the struggle of maintaining a good figure. It is a worry clouding many female friends who like desserts.

There are several desserts worthy of our special attention. They are just like bombs lurking somewhere near us, and they will appear when you need them. But, they can easily tempt us into eating more desserts, which can unconsciously plant the seeds of obesity. So, please be careful when we enjoy the following dishes!

–         Desserts with Nuts like Peanuts, Almonds, and Walnuts

Alert Level: 2

The calories of these things are even higher than that of the chocolate. We often accidentally eat too many desserts if we do not pay attention to. So, swallowing a single piece of dessert will add a lot of calories for ourselves.

–         Cake

Alert level: 4

The tempting cakes are always completed with color, aroma, and taste. Because cakes contain a lot of creams, they taste quite yummy, which can all people yield to cakes. But in any case, we are not advised to eat more than one piece of cake in one day. If we are unable to bear their temptation, it is better to match cakes with other diets and exercise.

–         Cornflakes and Potato Chips

Alert Level: 4

Cornflakes dipped with seasonings are delicious, but we may not know that in terms of calories, a small packet of cornflakes equals 2 or 3 snacks. While fried potato chips are the same with cornflakes, and a thin slice of potato chips contains many calories which we cannot imagine.

–         Processed Food of Chocolate

Alert Level: 4

When matching cookies or puffs with chocolate, few people can resist the temptation. But remember that their calories are really very high and we can easily eat too much.

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