People all over the world are passionate about and eating out is one of the major past times of some places such as Chicago. When it comes to eating the people in Chicago get a wide choice of best restaurants of the world, cocktail lounges and of course the best chefs that you can find. To get the best gastronomical experience from gourmet to street food served in restaurant style, let us look at some of the best Chicago restaurants here.

There are always newer choices in the menu, how it is served, the décor of the restaurants, where the restaurant is located, the uniqueness in the in the food and how the ambience is plays a role for the customer to come back again and again.

 Avec, this Chicago restaurant serves seasonal rotating dishes. You can order their specials such as whole roasted lamb with a variety of breads to go with it, but guests have to preorder 24 hours before the order. The pricing isn’t too much if paired with wine may go up. The seating is pretty tight.

Siena tavern is set up by Top Chef. The rustic setup with an Italian focused menu with few American dishes. It has private dinning facility for 15 diners with a pizza bar and drinks bar too.

Piccolo sogno restaurant means a little dream with was started by chef Tony Priolo, it features fresh Italian cuisine.

Momotaro is a three level Japanese restaurant, the top level is for private dining experience, the mid level is full dining experience where the last level is bar on the upscale with cocktails and beer. You get a choice of cold or hot dishes with exotic cocktails.

 Alina has received the outstanding chef award, it has spectacular cuisine which cannot be found anywhere and each time you are served with excellent service. But it comes at a cost too.Prebooking is required with advance payment.

Le colonial is a restaurant is done up with bamboos and exotic plants. Vietnamese food is served. The upstairs lounge is a crowd puller especially for couples.

Le Bouchon – It serves classic French bistro food. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. The staff will guide you choose the items that tickle your taste buds and give new experiences. There are different types of discounts on food and wine throughout the week.

Alhambra palace restaurant – The lavish décor and grandeur of the restaurant giving it the old world charm is one of the best Chicago restaurants. Mediterranean, middle and North African dishes add the menu of this restaurant.

Joy district serves Asian cuisine. The rooftop bar which allows the guest the view of the entire city which is the main draw of the restaurant. There are different types of offerings on the menu for different seasons.

The fine dining scene in Chicago is power packed. There is something for all kinds of people. The delectable cuisine with the place so enamouring is a combo to look out for guests who love eating out.


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