Birthday Cakes – Why Do We Celebrate a Birthday With a Cake?

Birthday Cakes – Why Do We Celebrate a Birthday With a Cake?

Birthday Cakes - Why Do We Celebrate a Birthday With a Cake?

How can we neglect the most memorable day of us, our birthdays? This special day is a once per year celebration of our very existence. But it would not be perfectly complete if the birthday cake just isn’t present, right? More than just the attractiveness that includes a color for a birthday, it is a traditional symbol of the birthday to most people wherever and whoever they are often. Yet, as well as thought about how and where everything started and people did start to have birthday cakes? Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out its origin? I think so, why don’t we get started.


the tradition began in the early a lot of ancient Greece. Yes, it truly was that way back when! It was started if the Ancient Greeks accustomed to make bread and honey cakes for celebrations. Then, in ancient Rome, Romans celebrated their birthdays in three different ways: an exclusive sort of celebration that has been with friends, temple and city festivals which are celebrated being a birthday, and birthdays of the past as well as present emperors or rulers of the royal or imperial family and it is members which are marked by celebrating with the baking and eating of honey cakes.


for other countries and races birthday cakes slowly became popular in the Middle Ages. In Germany, it became their tradition to get cakes that appeared to be a sweetened sort of bread with dough and were shaped with baby Jesus for commemorating his birthday. Eventually, this evolved in Germany plus a birthday cake became a traditional symbol associated with a young child’s birthday.

In comparison

birthday cakes in England were often baked with symbolic and precious objects placed inside. To do this, items such as thimbles and coins were combined to the batter when making birthday cakes in Medieval times. Most of the people within that period believed that whoever got the coin will be rich however, if you finished up unlucky enough to find the thimble, you can be going to be a vintage maid.

In present

that is still evident with folks once they put small things, like candies or fake coins to embellish the top of a cake. Others, place candles on birthday cakes for different reasons, either to bring or to pray birthday needs to God, only to accessorize, to count the age of anyone, or just when it comes to blowing them out to make wishes becoming reality!


cakes have some of the functions that cater to various purposes but still, birthday celebrations are the main purpose of baking a unique cake. It has become the entire symbol of needing and celebrating a birthday in our world today.

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