Make the Breakfast You Have Dreamed About

We’re always stocking our kitchen full of every type of beverage we find at the grocery store that has caffeine in it because everyone in our household has their favorite drink. When I make breakfast in the mornings I don’t have the patience to ask everyone what they want to drink because it would take several trips to the refrigerator to fill everybody’s glass up with four kinds of juice, and the adults all like coffee. We like our own individual flavors of coffee that come from the special coffee maker we bought last year. I thought this coffee maker was nice when I saw it in the lobby of a hotel, so I had to get one for our family’s home.

Make the Breakfast You Have Dreamed About

We had one of those old coffee pots that you pour coffee grounds into and watch the coffee drip down from the top to fill the glass pot, but it broke. It started leaking all over the counter space, so we replaced it with a cheap alternative. I bought another similar coffee maker from a grocery store close to our house, and we had the same problem start happening within a few weeks. Those glass coffee pots kept leaking, so we decided to look for something new. That was when I remembered the coffee maker from the hotel.

I could have sworn that those coffee makers would have been pretty expensive to purchase, but that fancy Keurig was quite affordable. It has kept running smoothly ever since we bought it too, so I feel like we are saving money. It was getting expensive to keep replacing those broken coffee makers. I couldn’t afford to keep doing that, and it feels like such a waste to keep replacing appliances. Our Keurig is running strong still. I’m glad to see that this one doesn’t leak like the rest of the coffeemakers. 

Have you tried the Keurig coffeemaker before? It’s a sleek invention that allows the user to place a Keurig pod inside the top of the machine in order to make a coffee. Most keurig pods are easy to find in most grocery stores, and they come in all kinds of flavors. They have more than just coffee flavors. They sell pods that contain teas, and there are other options like hot chocolate. Now, when my family gets up for breakfast everyone has their own flavor of pod they like to pick out.

It’s a reliable machine that produces tasty beverages every time. I wish my eggs were as easy to make as a cup of coffee. These days I’ve been putting a lot of effort into making breakfast. It’s an important part of the day. It’s one of the few times of the day when our family gets to sit down together in the same space, so we’re happy to have an easier time getting our drinks together. Everyone gets the beverage they want, and they wait patiently for me to finish making the remaining portion of our delicious breakfast.

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