Some Facts About Ice Cream

Some Facts About Ice Cream

Flavored ice cream like spumoni ice cream is one of the foods that young and old love. Its soft texture with a cold sensation and various flavors makes many people love to eat ice cream.

Besides being able to pamper the tongue, there is a lot of news behind the consumption of ice cream. They say eating ice cream can relieve sore throats, cause headaches, or cause acne. Is that right?

Let’s take a look at the medical reviews about the following ice cream.

1. Ice cream and sore throat medication

A sore throat caused by a virus can cause excruciating pain and discomfort. Warm drinks and foods can help reduce discomfort and thin mucus.

However, in some children or adults, cold drinks or foods can help reduce pain due to inflammation that occurs in the throat area. Soft ice cream is easy to swallow and the coldness can help relieve pain and soothe the throat area.

So, ice cream can be used to relieve sore throat because of its soothing properties. In contrast to the current perception, coughing can and is even recommended to eat ice cream for the purpose of relieving sore throat (soothing effect).

2. Ice Cream and Fertility

The researchers found that those who consumed low-fat dairy products had more egg-releasing problems than women who consumed high-fat dairy products. This does not mean that women can consume excess fat.

Too fat or too thin can cause fertility problems. A balanced consumption of fat is necessary to maintain the hormonal balance in a woman’s body. Consumption of ice cream that is not excessive can help balance fat intake which can have a positive effect on female fertility.

As the saying goes, anything superfluous is no good. So, eat a reasonable amount of ice cream and make sure you adjust your diet and exercise activity to maintain your health.

3. Ice cream and headaches

For some people, ice cream can cause headaches. This complaint is usually a sharp throbbing headache in the forehead area that occurs 30-60 seconds after consuming cold food or drinks such as ice cream. The headache usually goes away after 5-10 minutes. This is because cold stimulation on the upper wall of the oral cavity can actually stimulate headaches.

4. Ice cream and pimples

A study shows that consumption of foods high in carbohydrates, milk, and ice cream does affect the appearance of acne.

So, when it comes to acne and ice cream, it doesn’t hurt to limit your ice cream intake.

5. Ice cream and weight loss

One medium scoop of ice cream contains 133 calories, while 1 cup of ice cream can contain 267 calories. These calories do not include additional calories from additional ingredients such as nuts, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, fruit sauce, and others.

Excessive and uncontrolled consumption of ice cream will definitely lead to weight gain as well. Excessive calorie intake in the body will cause fat accumulation more easily. By increasing fat deposits, the weight will lead to weight gain.

For you true ice cream connoisseurs, you can add to it by doing regular exercise to burn excess calories.

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