Why Schools Should Serve Organic Bread

Why Schools Should Serve Organic Bread

According to HelpGuide.org, some of the best benefits to choosing organic foods rather than nonorganic foods include: fewer pesticides, fresher foods, better for the environment, naturally raised animals, milk and meat much richer in nutrients and GMO (genetically modified organisms) free. Though, there is not enough research out there to make a claim that non-organic foods are bad for you, many people still prefer choosing organic over nonorganic for the simple fact that it is more natural and has not been disturbed with any type of chemical of some kind. There are however, studies that indicate that what you consume in terms of food choices, over time will in fact affect the outcome of your overall health. Therefore, when making choices about what you are taking in, you must try to make the best selections for your body and choose food items that you could possibly benefit from, especially when you are making choices for your children. Schools should serve organic bread so that students can receive the most benefits from their foods.

According to Time.com, young children, especially those with food allergies can benefit from consuming organic foods. Organic foods do not necessarily have enough studies to support the claim of it being healthier for you, but it does in fact reduce the amount of chemicals and pesticide residues you are exposed to. There have been studies that show that there are over 1 billion different types of pesticides used on foods that we consume in America. Also, studies do show that hormones and chemicals found in the foods that we consume can in fact affect our health negatively over time if consumed in high levels. We never really know how much chemicals we are exposing ourselves to, as it does not state that information when we purchase food. However, it is critical that parents simply make educated decisions on the types of foods that are provided for their children. Also, if parents want to reduce the risk of those pesticide products their children consume, it may be beneficial for parents to request their schools to provide some organic products.

Many children consume foods in the school systems that tend to be nonorganic. Though, there is not enough studies that indicate it is bad for you, but at the same time we do know that nonorganic does contain exposure to pesticides, that we do know is bad for you. Parents should try to do everything they can to try to reduce the amount of pesticide exposure for their children to live a healthier life. Parents can accomplish this by trying to request their schools to serve organic foods, such as organic breads. You can start conducting research, by searching: organic bread distribution. From here, you should find a list of companies who serve quality organic breads.

Overall, serving children healthy foods and organic breads in schools are important for them to thrive Healthwise. Parents have the power to make important decisions for their children that could affect them in the long run. Make sure to conduct more research on organic foods to see how your child may benefit.

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