3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Whether you’re a Michelin star chef, just starting out as a hot food merchandiser or are an aspiring home cook, you should have a good maraconi and cheese recipe in your repertiore. Once you’ve mastered it, try mixing things up with some of these fun new twists!

Baking and Frying

If you’ve never tried baked or fried mac and cheese, one bite will change your culinary perspective for good. Baking is an easier place to start, as all you need to do is load your finished pasta into a baking dish, top generously with bread crumbs and broil in a hot oven until golden brown. Deep frying takes a little more time and patience; you’ll need to scoop your mac into balls, freeze or thoroughly chill, coat with breading and fry until perfectly crisp. Either way, the results should add a delicious crunch and plenty of caramelized flavor to your staple recipe.

Adding Protein

There’s not much that protein can’t do for macaroni and cheese — it adds texture, substance and tons of umami flavor to the dish! Nearly any type of protein would do well in mac and cheese, including vegan and vegetarian alternatives like black beans, seared tofu and mushrooms. Try a cup of chorizo or blackened chicken for a splash of spice, or throw in some crab for a sweet bite. The inherent saltiness of pork pairs beautifully with cheese, so bacon and ham are always good choices.

Using With Other Dishes

Why limit yourself to eating mac and cheese alone? Why not use it to top a burger, smother onto a pizza or load into a tortilla? This dish is perfect as a cheesy component in some of your other favorites, and the starch of the pasta gives plenty of substance to leave you feeling full afterward.

If you’re planning to make macaroni and cheese this week, use some of these fun additions to take it to the next level!

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