Top 3 Whiskey Distillery In Scotland

Be it a Friday night sip time or an in-house social gathering, whiskey form an integral part of all such occasions. Though, there is an extensive section of alcoholic beverages, whiskey, amidst of all is a gem, without which can celebration is half done. Made with fermented grain mash, whiskey come in an array of choices, right from pricey scotch, malt whiskey, to rye whiskey, and much more. Here, we take a look at some of best whiskey from Scotland processed in their best-in-class distilleries:

Being a national drink of Scotland, there is a number of world’s premier whiskey distillers, taking pure water from the pump and crystal-clear streams, after that golden barley from the fields, and transforms them into a world-class variety of whiskeys. Any spirit in Scotland is not termed as a scotch until it has not aged for three years.  And, what’s more, single malt whiskies, is sent to sleep for many more years, before letting it reach people’s glasses.

With more 100 actively operating whiskey distilleries in Scotland, spread across the five regions, Scotland is a place to visit, if you are a true whiskey lover. These distilleries also offer fascinating tours; there is a plethora of whiskies to relish and to know more them the science of whiskey. Each whiskey as a soul-soothing flair of its own, unique mesmerizing flavors and character, no matter what you pick, you will definitely have a lifetime experience.

  • The Glenlivet, Speyside

Unearthed in the year, the 1800s, Glenlivet was one of the oldest whiskey distilleries in Scotland. Surrounded by a landscape of mountains, it is a place to tour for every whiskey lover. This distillery tour will give a throwback of the history of whiskey and its types.

  • The Macallan, Speyside

If you are a whiskey aficionado, then the Macallan is one of most renowned Scotch whiskey manufacturer. They host a complete range of pricey vintage whiskies, the secret being likewise; whiskey becomes more soul soothing with age. Therefore, a bottle of whiskey from the 1980s will cost you somewhere around 7,000$. Take a tour here to know the complete of making whiskey, right fermented grain picking to tasting.

  • Royal Brackla, Highland

William Fraser, a retired captain from the British army set up this famous distillery in 1812. Within the 20 years of establishment, he was offering the best variety of whiskey to the Royal family of King William IV; and, was also presented with a royal warrant for single malt. Now, this whiskey manufacturing company is owned by John Dewar & Sons Ltd, and this whiskey distillery is open for public, and you also taste different whiskies manufactured there via prior appointment.

The above Scotland distilleries worth having a tour, while you in Scotland. However, it is best to tag along a local guide with you, who can tell you about the process of whiskey and how to reach there. And, lastly, don’t forget to taste some of the best whiskey from Scotland.

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