Transform Weeknight Cooking Using Pressure Cooker Recipes

Time is the hardest thing to find when you are talking about the recipe. You can have all the best meat and the freshest vegetables in the world, but if you don’t have the time to cook it, it will remain an ingredient. Instant pot multi cooker will help you solve that problem. It will help you prepare your food while you are in your office, working. You can load all the ingredients in the morning before you go to work, set the timer, and come home with freshly cooked food. Multicooker is a dinnertime miracle worker in the stainless-steel form. It is a cooking gadget that combines slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker and electric pressure cooker, all in one convenient cooking appliance. A lot of manufacturers make multi-purpose electronic cooker, but in the United States, Instant Pot has become the household name when it comes to multicooker. Instant Pot is the single, most useful gadget that can make your night cooking very easy. You can use it in quick cooking or slow cooking, and it does both with precision and automatically. If you are tired of using your slow cooker, you need to get one of these.

Transform Weeknight Cooking Using Pressure Cooker Recipes


What’s the reason why more people choose a multi-purpose cooker? The reason is its very flexible. You can use it in many ways. You can use it as a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker or a steamer. It is also easy to clean since the pot is made of stainless steel. If you have work to do and you need to cook dinner for your family, you can use Instant pot to cook delicious steaming hot food. All you need to do is to put the meat and vegetables in the pot, put seasonings, set the timer in the settings and leave as it cooks your ingredients at the time you set it in. If you are a procrastinator, you can take advantage of Instant pot’s pressure setting; it cooks the food in minutes.

If you are fond of soups and stews on cold winter nights, you can also use this multi-purpose electronic cooker. Instead of waiting hours for the meat to tenderize for your braised beef or beef and lamb stew, you can just put the meat and the vegetables in the pot, set it at the time you want it to be cooked, either 30 to 1 hour since it is a pressure cooker.

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Whether it is winter or summertime, the most basic strategy when you are using a multicooker is to estimate the minutes before dinner time and work the hours backwards so that when it is time for dinner, the food is still hot.

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Getting your food cooked in the shortest amount of time, depends on how you cut your ingredients. If you cut your meat and vegetables smaller, it will cook faster. It will take at least 30 to 1 hour to braise a beef brisket or pork shoulders. If you want a more significant cut, it will take time. You can use this method for Beetroots or sweet potatoes.

For people who don’t want to plan, one of the tricks in using multi cooker is to cook the beans the night before without soaking it first. You can’t cut beans to cook it faster. If you don’t have time, you need to use softer beans like chickpeas, cannellini or kidney beans. It will only take an hour to cook those beans using the pressure cooker settings of the Instant Pot. For chicken thighs pressure cooker recipes, you need to cook them boneless, cut in pieces and put it in the pot with the vegetables and spices. It will cook in 10 minutes. Add barbeque sauce if you want barbequed chicken.

If you use Instant pot consistently for at least one year, steaming, braising, simmering or pressure cooking, all I can say is the money you pay for the multicooker is worth it. Make sure you will not use it to cook anything crunchy or golden because it won’t end well, trust me. Make sure to use all the advantages that multicooker can give and be aware of its disadvantage, and you will not be disappointed. You will eat healthful and delicious food, even with limited time.



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