Why Homemade Praline Chocolate Business is Very Potential?

Why Homemade Praline Chocolate Business is Very Potential?

If you are looking for a home-based business idea that can generate big profits, then one of the suitable business ideas to be your choice is a home-based chocolate praline business. This business is relatively easy to run, simple, does not cost a lot and is also easy to market.

It must be admitted that food made from chocolate is one of the most popular snacks, from children to teenagers and adults. Moreover, recently also found a positive effect of chocolate on the treatment of stress and depression.

And talking about the chocolate business, one that we can say is the most interesting chocolate business is the praline chocolate business. This chocolate has a characteristic, small size with various cute and beautiful shapes complete with various flavors that are stored behind the chocolate layer on the outside. This makes chocolate pralines loved by all ages and loved on many occasions.

This chocolate is said to have been discovered accidentally by a famous French chef who accidentally spilled caramel on the almond crumbs. The sticky almond chunks then form the basis of the praline dough which a Belgian chocolate expert adds a splash of chocolate to add to its delicious taste.

Now pralin contains not only caramel and almonds, but also various dried fruits, various types of fruit and peanut sauce to several types of herbs and crispy rice. Even more and more people are daring to create unique praline innovations with various types of contents such as nougat, marshmallow, jelly and so on.

Pralines are popular with many people because they are in small portions of chocolate that are sometimes enough for one bite. So that it can be stored for a long time to be eaten one by one, it can also be served at the guest table for a banquet.

Several times we also came across the idea of ​​using praline chocolate as a reception event to souvenirs for weddings. In addition, of course, many people also like to make praline chocolate which is beautifully packaged as a delivery.

How to start this praline chocolate business in your home? It’s simple, because actually this business only requires equipment that is already available in your kitchen such as stoves and pans. You just need to buy a few types of cute chocolate molds that you can easily get at various cake supply stores. Sometimes with less than $ 250 in capital, you can start this praline chocolate business.

How to make it is also quite easy, just melt the melted chocolate in a pan. How to melt it is also easy, use two saucepans, the first large pot is for the water container, and inside it is the small one for the chocolate container. Melt the chocolate through the heat of the boiled water so it doesn’t burn.

Then print the melted chocolate in the mold, put the filling you want to use right in the middle of the chocolate and let it cool or let it freeze. Store in a closed container and place it in a cold room so it is more durable.

For sales, you first need to pack these praline chocolates in pretty containers. You can take advantage of decorated plastic jars, glass stoppers that have also been beautified, can containers, glass jars, to beautiful handmade baskets that are combined with various decorative trinkets. Also consider using confectionery inspirations, what is clear is that the chocolate is separated from one another with a paper bowl and that the temperature is maintained so that it does not melt and get damaged.

How about the marketing of this praline home-based chocolate business? There are many simple ways to sell this product, considering that the market for praline chocolate products itself is very broad. You can try the following ways:

Opening agency network

Open an agency network with some people you know to offer your homemade chocolate to the market. It’s easy, create a kind of catalog of chocolate products that you produce and ask your agent to offer their products to their environment.

Establishes cooperation

Chocolate products are widely preferred as souvenirs, gifts to delivery, so try to collaborate with an event organizer or wedding organizer to make your homemade chocolate part of a wedding dish or as an event souvenir. And then, chocolate decorations pack  is a beautiful way according to the event to strengthen the impression of your homemade praline chocolates to look elegant according to the event.

As a supplier

Some coffee shops also need an attractive and selling chocolate side dish, while chocolate can be an interesting choice. For that, try to offer a supplier relationship to the cafes around you to provide a supply of chocolate as a friend to drink delicious coffee. You can also apply the same method to the bakery business.

Online sales

What’s not made online today? Including your own praline chocolate business, it can also be turned into an online business. Starting from marketing it via Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook to buying and selling portals that are scattered in cyberspace.

So are you interested in trying this praline chocolate business? If you are diligent in running it, it is not impossible in a short time you can generate a turnover of up to millions and even tens of millions every month. Interesting isn’t it?

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